The Liniage of Izhbitza-Radin

1. Grand Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Izhbitza, author of Mei HaShiloach. Died 7 Teves 5614.

2. Grand Rabbi Yaakov Leiner of Izhbitza, son of Mei HaShiloach, author of Bais Yaacov, Sefer Hazmanim. Died 15 Av 5638.

2a. Grand Rabbi Shmuel Dov Asher Leiner of Biskivitz, son of Mei HaShiloach, author of Naos Deshe. Died Acharaon Shel Pesach, 22 Nissan 5665.

3a. Grand Rabbi Moshe Chaim Sokochevski of Biskivitz-Reivitz, son-in-law of Bais Yaacov, Rebbe in Biskivitz after his uncle the Naos Deshe, later relocating to Reivitz, Poland.

4a. Grand Rabbi Yehoshua Avraham Alter Sokochevski of Reivitz, son of Grand Rabbi Moshe Chaim Sokochevski of Reivitz.

3.Rabbi Shlomo Klepfish of Lublin, son-in-law of Bais Yaacov, published Bais Yaacov on Chumish.

3a. Grand Rabbi Gershon Chanoch Henech Leiner of Radzin, son of Bais Yaacov, author of Orchos Chayim, Sod Yesharim, Tiferes Hachinochi,and Dalsos Shar Ha'ir, among many other seforim. The Rebbe is referred to by Radziner Chasidim as the Orchos Chaim, based on his phenomenal work on the Tzava'ah - the will - of the Tana Rabbi Eliezer HaGadol. This work was written by the Rebbe basically without any open books to his advantage, in only 12 days, during his trial on a libel fabricated against him by his adversaries. When the Rebbe published this work, he commented to his chasidim that he's happy that he got to print his Tzava'ah. In the larger world the Rebbe is better known as the Ba'al HaTecheles. The Rebbe was brilliant in both the revealed and the hidden Torah. He was also extremely knowledgeable in several scientific fields, like chemistry, engineering and medicine. He spoke several languages fluently, and used them frequently while prescribing medicines in Latin to the countless people who turned to him for help. At the age of sixteen, the Rebbe had already formulated a spectacular idea: he would compose a "gemarah" of a sort on the mishnayos of Seder Taharos, as there is no Talmud Bavli on that tractate. In order to accomplish this, he gathered all the relevant material from the whole Bavli shas, Yerushalmi shas, and all other Braysos etc., and presented them in chronological order in a sefer he called Sidrei Taharos on Maseches Keilim. He later did the same with all the other tractates of Seder Taharos. The task took him ten years to complete. He worked tirelessly for the restoration of the techeles of the tzitzis. He made use of his vast knowledge to research the topic, and traveled to Italy four times to conduct his study. While there he visited what was then the largest aquarium in the world, in the coastal city of Naples, and upon studying the different sea creatures, he came to the conclusion that the original Techeles was extracted from the secretion of a squid called the cuttlefish (in Hebrew known as the Dionon). Rumors have it that on one of the Rebbe's visits to Rome; he succeeded in persuading the Vatican to allow him a quick glimpse of the Holy Vessels of the Beis HaMikdosh, to match his findings with the techeles on the priestly garments. He published several books on the topic, such as Sefunei Temunei Chol, Pesil Techeles, and Ein HaTecheles , and succeeded in influencing many Gedolim with his work. At the same time, there were Gedolim who opposed to the Rebbe's discovery and did not agree with his findings. There was, however, a small number of Gedolei Yisrael who would practice the rediscovered custom of techeles, like the Maharsham of Berzan who possessed a tallis with techeles fringes. All his chassidim and followers wear them, as do Breslov chassidim to this day. The Rebbe was also known for his standpoint on machine matzos, and after extensive research he found several serious problems in the process of making them. He then distributed an announcement by which he required the Rabbonim to address those problems and to note it on the hechsher that they provide. He was the first rebbe known as "The Radziner Rebbe". Died 4 Teves 5651.

4a. Grand Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Elazar Leiner of Radzin, son of Orchos Chaim, author of Tiferes Yosef. One of the more famous and very influential leaders of Polish Jewry. The Rebbe was one of the founding members of Agudas Yisroel, and served as its vice president until his passing. Died 26 Shvat 5689.

5a. Grand Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Leiner of Radzin, son of Tiferes Yosef. Established the Radziner Yeshiva Sod Yesharim in Radzin, Poland. The Rebbe was known for encouraging resistance to the orders of the Nazis and the Judenrat and for urging people to break out of the ghettos, flee to the forests and take up arms. The story goes that in his last moments, the Rebbe was wrapped in his father's tallis as a Nazi soldier took him into the Wladawa cemetery at gunpoint. At one point, the Nazi pushed him. The Rebbe turned around and slapped hin across the face, and kicked him. This obviously stunned and angered the Nazi greatly. The Rebbe was immediately shot to death on that day, 29 Iyar 5702.

3b. Rabbi Yerucham Meir Leiner of Radzin, son of Bais Yaacov, author of Zohar HaRakiya, Sefer Gilgulei Neshamos, published the fourth volume of Beis Yaacov.

3c. Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Lublin, son of Bais Yaacov, published the second volume of Mei HaShiloach. One of the important community figures in Lublin. Rabbi Mottia Leiner (as he was referred to lovingly by Radziner Chasidim) was one of the staunch supporters of his great-nephew Grand Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Leiner of Radzin, and was very instrumental in finally convincing him to become the Radziner Rebbe in his father's place.

3d. Grand Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel Leiner of Radzin-Chelm, son of Bais Yaacov, author of Likutei Divrei Torah. son of Bais Yaakov, author of Likutei Divrei Torah. While his older brother, Grand Rabbi Gershon Chanoch Henech Leiner of Radzin was Rebbe, he was by his side and his top talmid. He was highly respected for his honesty and righteousness. After his brother's death, he moved to Chelm and continued the Radziner line there. Died 27 Shvat 5680.

4d-1. Grand Rabbi Gedaliyahu Leiner of Radzin-Chelm, son of Likutei Divrei Torah, killed in the Holocaust al Kiddush Hashem.

4d-2. Rabbi Ovadya Leiner of Radzin-Chelm, son of Likutei Divrei Torah. Lived in Warsaw. Considered by Radziner Chasidim to be an exceptionally special and holy person, and his cousin Grand Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Leiner of Radzin would send many people to him to receive his brachah.

4d-3. Rabbi Chaim Simcha Leiner of Radzin-Ludmir, son of Likutei Divrei Torah, author of Dor Yesharim, Sefer Refuos/Darchei Chaim.

4d-4 Rabbi Chananya Dovid Leiner of Radzin, son of Likutei Divrei Torah, published Bais Yaacov on Sefer Vayikra.

4d-5. Grand Rabbi Yerucham Leiner of Radzin, son of Likutei Divrei Torah, author of Tiferes Yerucham. Moved from London to America. Considered to be the continuation of the Radziner line in America. He was an expert in all areas of Torah and scholarship. There existed very few admorim/tzaddikim since the beginning of Chassidus who were also lamdanim in both the Polish and Lithuanian styles of learning, bibliographers, Jewish historians, very learned in Kabbalah works, philologists, and masters of both the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. He was such an admor/tzaddik. He studied and visited with R. Yitzchak Hutner and they were good friends in later life. They always treated one another with special respect. The shteibel he built in Boro Park was under the auspices of his oldest son, Grand Rabbi Yaakov Leiner of Radzin-Boro Park. Died 20 Av 5724.

5d. Grand Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Radzin, son of Tiferes Yerucham. Republished many of the seforim of the Izhbitza-Radzin dynasty. Died 3 Shvat 5751.

6d-1.Grand Rabbi Yaakov Leiner of Radzin, son of Grand Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Radzin, was Rebbe in Boro Park, where he maintained a shteibel and kollel. Although Reb Yaakov was totally familiar with the Chassidic thought of his illustrious ancestors, he was first and foremost a lamdan, in the style and spirit of the Rebbe Gershon Henoch, who also wrote the classic Sidrei Taharos, Ma’mar Sefunei Temunei Chol, Ma’mar Pesil Techeiles, and other lomdishe works. Reb Yaakov had a phenomenal memory and a very sharp, incisive, and inquisitive mind. But even more so than Reb Gershon Henoch, Reb Yaakov felt especially to his grandfather, Rebbe Yerucham Lainer (d. 1964), who passed away when he was but two years old. He was Reb Yaakov’s inspiration throughout his tragically short life. Indeed, Reb Yaakov published all the writings of his glorious grandfather a few months before his death and considered that work to be his crowning achievement. He studied at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin and then Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. He received unique and excellent semichos from the Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim, HaGaon Rebbe Yitzchok Kolitz, zt’’l, and HaGaon Rebbe Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, shlita. Died 5 Iyar 5769.

6d-2. Grand Rabbi Moshe Leiner of Radzin, son of Grand Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Radzin, current Rebbe in Bait VeGan, Yerushalayim, Israel, where he maintains a shteibel and kollel. His beis midrash distributes a monthly parsha sheet entitled "MiMa'ayan HaShiloach" comprised of divrei torah from the Izhbitza-Radzin dynasty and occasionally rishimos of the Rebbe shlita. The Rebbe shlita learned by R' Meyer Soloveitchik shlita in Yerushalayim.