Radziner Rebbe zt"l Niftar

Two posts appeared on Circus Tent that I would like to share with you. The Radziner Rebbe of Boro Park, Rav Yaakov Leiner ZT"L, brother of ybd"l The Radziner Rebbe of Yerushalayim, Rav Moshe Leiner SHLIT"A (my Rebbe pictured to the right) was nifter on 5 Iyar 5769.

Radziner Catastrophe

The Radziner Rebbe of Boro Park, Rav Yaakov Leiner ZT"L

The Levaya at 54th Street on 5 Iyar 5769

A Reader writes: A terrible thing happened today, the Radziner Rebbe, Rav Yakov Leiner passed away at 46 years old. He was a great historian, yad'an and lamdan. He lived in absolute poverty, with 11 kids. He told me that when he became bar mitzvah his father gave him the Lubavitcher siddur and said "this is our nusach." It was almost in shreds but he davened in it every day. There were over 1000 people there today at the levaya. I can't explain to you my deep pain and tza'ar. I don't know where to put my mind, what an unglick. Every day I stayed after davening at the Radziner shtiebel on 54th street and spoke to him. He knew "everything," and I mean everything. He was a true scholar and yerei shomayim. He was a kanoi for Izhbitza but extremely warm and "liberal" in outlook of life. By "liberal" I mean in ahavas yisroel, he couldn't stand any kano'us against tziyonim or the like. He learned in Lakewood and Rav Yeruchem Olshin gave such a moving hesped! R' Olshin spoke like a true chosid about the dynasty, about Izhbitza, about what RAK held of his Zaide the Radziner Rebbe. I could send you and exclusive recording how a "Litvak" is maspid ah Chasidishe Rebbe.

The Reader Continues:He (RYO) cried like a baby...The groyse niftar spoke to me a few days ago about the chasidic movement and the matzav of it today .. He (RYL) was very partisan for chasidus, then he said to me ....You want to know of a real gadol who is truly so.. its Harav Olshin. After the levaya I repeated to Rav Olshin. His Rebbetzin is Bokshin from Monsey. Reb Aron Schechter's son is also an eydim there.

A 12-Year Old's Hesped

This should not be happening.....HELP!!! Money can now be sent and checks made payable to:
Keren Yesomim Radzin
c/o Dr. Marvin Schick
1529-56th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219

I understand money can be sent on their behalf via paypal by using the phone number: 718-851-1025. Please. Please don't ignore this plea. Forward this to all your contacts.
Imagine all 10 yesoimim looking into your eyes.
ולשועת חינונם אל תעלם אזנך
Photos of 12-year old Mordche Yosef writing a hesped surrounded by his father's ksovim.

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